Your Single source for GPS Tracking hardware and software.

GPSFlight manufactures the smallest, most capable high performance GPS tracking and telemetry tools in the industry. Both software and hardware are designed together so you get the best telemetry possible, no matter what your project involves!  Our solution is used in a wide array of situations including personnel tracking on military bases, high altitude balloons, rockets, sailing, golf cart tracking, etc. (Demo)

If you are looking for small, long range wireless GPS tracking without the cost of cellular, GPSFlight is your solution!  Nothing can match the high speed and detailed telemetry we provide.

no cellular

GPSFlight transmitters provide true telemetry data including:

  • 16 Channel GPS Postition accurate to 1M
  • Barometric altitude with 9cm accuracy
  • Highly accurate temperature from -40 to 125 F
  • 3D position/acceleration information about the position of the units
  • Integrated rechargable battery
  • Long range wireless transmission up to 20 miles
  • Position update rates from 4Hz to 5 min
  • Optional onboard recording of all data

GPSTeam Tracking software provides advanced tracking:

  • Geofence areas with time based or unit based triggers
  • Realtime display of multiple units onscreen
  • Support for NMEA, APRS, and SWARM data streams
  • Altitude, attitude, and other detail views of each unit
  • Points of Interest
  • Data recording, conversion to KML, CSV, and other formats
  • Integrated map backgrounds with several options
  • APRS and APRS-IS support

GPSFlight equipment is designed for high performance telemetry and tracking. No other systms come close.

Lets get tracking!